Canada Communications Specialist

Arin believes in telling stories which disrupt colonial power structures. With a background and education in journalism, he has spent over two decades exploring ways in which truths can create impactful words, which in turn can change attitudes.

Born in unceded Anishinabe Algonquin territory (Ottawa), the son of immigrants to Canada, arin has lived, studied and worked all over the world. Prior to joining Stand he was focused on telling the story of wetlands ecosystems for Wetlands International. Before that he was a Communications Coordinator with Greenpeace International, where, for more than a decade, he created and curated communications strategies and rapid responses to hold polluters to account. Throughout this time he has worked to influence governments and stop extractive industries, usually by annoying both. He has co-created campaigns with Indigenous Peoples, local communities and youth movements globally. He knows that in the darkness of today’s scientifically-predicted extreme weather events, their stories are a guiding light.

Arin holds two MAs in journalism, been smuggled in a scallop fishing boat, sailed through the Mozambique channel and seen the glaciers of Svalbard. When he’s not working on a  narrative which flips the script he’s a dad, a voracious reader and a subpar musician. 

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