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More than two decades of large-scale change.

A selected history of policy and conservation outcomes.
150 SAFE City Policies phase out fossil fuels and fast-track clean energy solutions, including the world’s first ban on new fossil fuel exports in a refinery community
189 BC Municipalities unanimously pass historic motion pushing provincial and federal governments to protect Canada’s Pacific Coast from ocean dumping
140 Apparel Companies increase demand for renewable energy in key apparel manufacturing hot spots (Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and Taiwan)
Legislated limitation on logging across 1.2 million acres of Chile’s Araucaria Forests
6 European banks launch new policies to end financing oil trading in the Amazon
Permanent moratorium on gas development across 1 million acres of the Tahltan First Nation’s Sacred Headwaters region.
UN International Maritime Organization bans the use of highly toxic bunker fuel in the Arctic
21 dirty oil and gas mega-projects stopped or delayed including the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Teck Frontier Tar Sands Mine
Research-enabled campaigns that set aside 1.4 million Acres of Russian Far East Amur Tiger habitat
Research-enabled conservation of 450,000 Acres Malaysian Borneo tropical rainforest
New York City’s pension fund reinvests $7 billion in climate solutions.
Our Goals


Halting deforestation in the Amazon biome to prevent irreversible tipping points that will turn this tropical rainforest into a tropical savannah in partnership with the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA).

2023-2025 Goals

  • Secure inter-governmental agreement to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025.
  • Change international legal structures that allow fossil fuel companies to begin new extraction operations.

Securing permanent protection of old growth forests in Canada, enshrining Indigenous sovereignty in policy demands and community resiliency as essential outcomes of changes in land use, and preventing the expansion of the budding North American “biomass” industry.

2023-2025 Goals

  • Deliver immediate deferrals on 6m+ acres of at-risk old growth forests in British Columbia.
  • End public subsidies that support burning trees for fuel, and end sourcing from old-growth, primary forests and caribou range habitat.
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Moving Beyond
Fossil Fuels

Pressuring major brands and national governments to visibly scale up investments in clean energy technologies while rapidly phasing out coal-fired power plants.

2023-2025 Goals

  • Move dozens of global fashion and IT brands to implement policies that scale renewable energy investment or phase out coal in manufacturing hotspots around the world.
  • Sway powerful institutions — and major pension funds throughout North America — to reinvest in climate-safe solutions, such as clean, renewable energy infrastructure.

Pushing the financial sector to divest from fossil fuel companies and projects — particularly those that violate Indigenous rights — and disrupt the banks’ negative influence

2023-2025 Goals

  • Halve pension funds’ financed emissions by 2030 and end financing of fossil fuel expansion.
  • Persuade Royal Bank of Canada and Citi stop funding fossil fuel projects, and halve financed emissions by 2030.

Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and limiting the production of new oil, gas, and coal to accelerate the shift towards renewable energy.

2023-2025 Goals

  • Stop or delay major fossil fuel infrastructure projects throughout North America and the Amazon.
  • Motivate hundreds of local governments to change the conditions that allow the creation of new fossil fuel infrastructure projects in their jurisdictions.
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Reinventing Cities and Transportation

Growing the international movement of cities and counties that are using their power to phase out fossil fuels (methane gas, gas stations, and more), fast-track clean energy solutions, and support a just transition to a clean energy economy in their communities.

2023-2025 Goals

  • Establish 100s of SAFE Cities policies in key chokepoint regions, highly impacted communities, and demand centers.
  • Build a network of elected officials and big brands that support fleet electrification as well as bans on internal combustion vehicles and gas in buildings.
  • Lead the call for a global Fossil Fuel Non- Proliferation Treaty.

Pressuring major courier companies to commit to zero-emission deliveries by 2030, transition to electric vehicles, and work together with governments across geographies to ensure rapid electrification of delivery fleets.

2023-2025 Goals

  • Build a global directed network working to fast- track the transition to 100% zero-emissions deliveries.
  • Move 20 sub-national governments to adopt aligned policies and 2-3 global brands to adopt zero-emissions delivery policies by 2030

Ending the shipping industry’s reliance on toxic heavy fuel oil, driving the transition to zero-emissions, and preventing coastal pollution.

2023-2025 Goals

  • Persuade major brands to pressure a cargo carrier to commit to ending port pollution by 2025.
  • Secure commitments from cargo carriers to complete decarbonization of their container fleet no later than 2040.
  • Move North American ports to make significant investments in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.
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How we work

Building Power.
Applying Pressure.
Making Progress.


Cutting-edge investigative research uncovers the actors behind environmental threats, creating breakthroughs in climate advocacy campaigns around the world.


Innovative traditional and social media campaigns reveal the connections between corporations, governments, and threats to our climate and communities.


A growing network of 1,000,000+ advocates receive tool kits, communications capacity, training, funding, and other resources that amplify the voices on the frontlines and build power to motivate corporate reform and government action.


Negotiations with key decision makers raise corporate and government climate ambitions, set industry-leading standards, and develop workable, long-term, large-scale solutions to climate and environmental crises.


Lawmakers and corporate decision makers who’ve become stuck in the “realistic” open their minds to bigger opportunities, develop effective implementation strategies, and set firm commitments.

A Word From Our Partners

I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for all the good work that Stand.Earth has done to protect Mother Earth from the destructive, colonial forces of industry on our lands and water. has worked with the Union of BC Indian Chiefs to uphold and protect the Title and Rights of BC First Nations and their unextinguished sovereignty and jurisdiction over their lands and the precious old growth forests that have sustained our ecosystems, cultures, and ways of life since time immemorial.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs President

When you hear about a campaign for the first time, you can’t help but wonder: how in the world are they going to get major corporations and enormous governments to get behind major environmental progress? Once they accomplish it, it seems miraculous — but really, it’s the result of a proven, highly innovative approach. I’m proud to say that we’ve been funding for more than 20 years now.

Michael Northrop
Program Director of Sustainable Development Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Stand is the organization I’ve found the most meaning in being involved with. Its many concrete achievements are awe-inspiring – the nimbleness, the continuity, the organizational strength, the tremendous effectiveness. It's that rare organization that I trust so deeply that it has earned my blanket support. It’s my deep wish that you will all engage with Stand, too.

Jennifer Egan
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

Case Study

How we are moving the global fashion industry

Prior to 2017, major fashion brands benefited from greenwashed claims that they were successfully reducing carbon emissions in their offices and retail stores — while ignoring that 99% of industry emissions and pollution come from the global supply chain.

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Embracing Meaningful Change

We lead corporations and governments to embrace meaningful, enduring change by making the most of every dollar, putting mission above recognition, and providing spaces in which conflict leads to creative problem solving.

Give a Little, Get a Lot

At, we waste nothing. Every dollar we receive goes to work on our key impact areas, supporting mutually beneficial efforts that multiply the overall impact of our work. We find the gaps in existing advocacy efforts — and discover the levers that will maximize

Mission, not Recognition

Putting mission above recognition, we work in close partnership with our allies standing up to government policies and corporate agendas that threaten land, health, and life. When we discover the most effective strategy available, we take action — whether or not the cameras

Compassionate Action

Tensions around environmental and climate issues run high. To achieve the large-scale, long-term change our world requires, it is vital to get corporate and governmental decision- makers to lower their defenses, and speak frankly about meaningful action.

When you become a donor, you become a partner in the mission to move governments and corporations to treat people and the planet with respect. To implement solutions to the climate crisis at a scale our world requires.

Because our lives depend on it.