While the majority of donors considering making a legacy gift to Stand.earth are specifically interested in leaving a gift in their will, there are many different ways you can leave a legacy.

The Stand.earth team is working tirelessly today to safeguard the future of tomorrow for the planet and future generations to come. You can too. The choices we all make today will decide how we collectively respond to the most pressing environmental challenges of this generation. By making a legacy gift, you take a leading and lasting role in creating a thriving future for the planet and the people and places you love.

Make a gift from your life insurance plan
You can use your life insurance policy to make a gift to Stand.earth in one of two ways*:

  • Request a beneficiary designation form from your life insurance company and make Stand.earth a full, partial, or contingent beneficiary. In the US, your estate will benefit from a tax deduction for the value of the proceeds from the policy – which can leave more behind for the loved ones you’ve named in your will.
  • Sign over a fully paid policy. In the US, you will be allowed a tax deduction for your generous gift today

Designate Stand.earth as your account beneficiary
An incredibly easy way to make a legacy gift is by naming Stand.earth as a beneficiary of your retirement fund, TFSA, or other similar bank account. Beneficiary designations allow you to have a transformative impact into the future, without costing you anything today.

Potential benefits of gifts by beneficiary designation*:

  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets
  • Reduce or avoid probate fees
  • No cost to you now to give
  • Create your legacy with Stand.earth

To name Stand.earth as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, contact your bank or insurance company to see whether a change of beneficiary form must be completed.

We are not a registered charity in Canada, so legacy gifts are not tax deductible to Canadian estates.
The above information is not legal or tax advice. We can help you create your environmental legacy by working with you and your financial and legal advisors.

Make a Difference

We have less than ten years to prevent irreversible harm from climate change. Let’s secure a safer planet together.

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