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Pushing the fashion industry to take bold climate action

As one of the biggest polluters on the planet and responsible for around 2-8% of global climate emissions, we cannot solve the climate crisis without the fashion industry taking bold climate action.

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Read the latest report — Clean Energy Close Up: An in-depth analysis of the tangible progress of 11 of the most influential global fashion brands.

Key Fashion Facts

51% of the companies received a D- to D+ grade


21 companies were found to be sourcing leather linked to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest


Synthetic fabrics account for 69% of all materials used in textiles and are projected to account for 75% by 2030


Only 5 out of 43 companies have climate targets in line with 1.5C



Fashion's Supplier Map

The map below provides an interactive tool to explore some of fashion’s most interwoven supplier relationships and highlights the extreme ambition versus implementation gap between brands and their key product manufacturers.

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Take Action

Urge lululemon to phase out coal from its manufacturing

Known for its iconic yoga and athleisure wear, lululemon promotes itself as a “healthy lifestyle” brand, but unlike other sportswear brands, it has done very little to move its supply chain off of coal and other fossil fuels. The Vancouver-based company has to take immediate action to stop burning coal for manufacturing its products and transition to 100% renewable energy in its supply chain by 2030.

Take Action to urge lululemon to ditch coal