10 Things You Can Do to Motivate lululemon to QUIT COAL and go renewable by 2030

October 14, 2022
Much of lululemon's apparel is manufactured in factories powered by highly polluting coal.

This pollution contributes to climate change and puts local communities’ health at risk, particularly in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh where its products are made. In order for the company to meet the Paris agreement targets, lululemon has to take immediate action to phase out fossil fuels.

We are asking lululemon to use its brand for good and be a leader in creating demand for a clean energy future by joining other brands who have committed to quitting dirty coal and switching to 100% renewable energy throughout their supply chains by 2030. Yoga teachers and students are among the few lululemon might listen to.

On September 14, 2022, as reported in The Guardian, over 500 yoga teachers and 1,000 yoga students signed a letter to lululemon demanding the athleisure brand quit coal and go renewable by 2030. A few days later, almost 100 yoga practitioners took part in a “Yoga for Coal-Free Fashion” yoga protest outside the company’s Vancouver headquarters. Stand.earth also responded to the publication of lululemon’s disappointing new Impact Report. See here for photos from the event.

Whether you participated in the “yoga protest” on September 17th or not, if you want to help motivate lululemon, here are 10 actions you can take:

10 Things You Can Do:

  1. Sign on to the “Open Letter to lululemon” at www.Stand.earth/Yoga-Letter
  2. Recruit three others to sign the “Open Letter to lululemon” and actively promote the “Open Letter to lululemon” in your community and on your social media platforms.
  3. Watch (like & share) this video to learn more about the issue.
  4. Record a 30-second “selfie” video (using our simple tool) urging lululemon to #QuitCoal and share on your social media.
  5. Volunteer to hand out fliers at yoga studios and lululemon stores.
  6. Wear your “lululemon: Break Up With Coal” t-shirt to yoga classes.
  7. Talk to yoga teachers and students about lululemon.
  8. Put “lululemon Pollutes” stickers in your neighbourhood.
  9. Participate in future actions and events.
  10. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. Appreciate yourself for being a part of this effort.

lululemon’s marketing claims its clothes are ‘designed by yogis’ and aims for all products to be sustainably designed. Yet, almost half of the energy powering lululemon factories comes from burning coal, the most significant driver of the climate crisis. Lululemon’s reliance on coal is extremely harmful to people and the environment.

Every day, more people learn about the impacts of lululemon’s supply chain on public health and climate change. The controversy threatens to grow out of control, putting the lululemon brand at further risk. Join us in asking lululemon to be part of the solution.