Alicia Guzman talking to BBC on Amazonia for Life: Protecting 80% of the region by 2025

August 16, 2023 Amazon Programs Co-Director and Amazonia for Life initiative Co-Coordinator, Alicia Guzman on BBC talking about why its vital to protect 80% of Amazonia by 2025

Amazon Summit – a significant meeting of pan-Amazonic countries brought together by Brazillian President Lula – cemented 80% of Amazonia by 2025 as a united goal. Despite straddling urgent priorities, scandals and a tipping point of Amazonia, the countries came together for a conversation that could lead to a historic win for the Indigenous Peoples of Amazonia and the region.

Check out the full interview with’s Alicia Guzman (Co-Director of the Amazon Programs) on BBC news.

Since 2021, COICA,, RAISG, and other allies have been leading the Indigenous and NGO call to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025. Initially endorsed by the IUCN in September 2021, Amazonia for Life: Protect 80% by 2025 is a scientifically verified approach to protecting Amazonia, and is supported by Amazonia’s largest Indigenous federation, Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA).


Join the thousands calling for 80% protection of Amazonia by 2025 to avoid an irreversable tipping point.

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