Beyond Decarbonization: The Fashion Industry Needs an Equitable & Rapid Transition | NYC Climate Week

September 22, 2023
Check out the recording of's 2023 NYC Climate Week panel on the fashion industry's need for an equitable & rapid transition off of fossil fuels
Screenshot of Zoom webinar with 6 panellists view

We hosted a virtual #ClimateWeekNYC panel on decarbonizing fashion with panellists representing human rights, biodiversity and the climate movement to discuss how brands have a responsibility to take action when the status quo continues to inflict dangerous harm on people and the planet.

The global fashion industry is among the most climate-polluting sectors on the planet. But beyond that, it’s a microcosm of how human rights, climate justice and biodiversity are fundamentally linked. produces the Fossil Free Fashion scorecard, a measure of commitments and actions taken by brands to decarbonize their supply chains, but in order to make fashion “sustainable,” we need a fair and equitable transition towards livable wages, clean energy and a safe environment.

That means not just cutting emissions, but also actively including suppliers and workers in decisions that impact them, negotiating fair and long-term contracts, and financially supporting actors in their supply chain to become more sustainable.

Thank you to our panellists, Dr. Hakan Karaosman, Seema Joshi, Beyrra Triasdian, Ian Ponce and Nirvana Mujtaba for moderating the session.

Check out the full recording of the panel below