California, and the world, must phase out fossil fuels

April 28, 2023
The State of California is considering a resolution to formally endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and call for an end to oil and gas expansion — and we need your help.
fossil fuels

There is big news on the campaign to achieve a global Fossil Fuel Treaty as a resolution advances in the California Senate to support the phase-out policy.

So far this spring, we’ve seen President Biden approve the Willow Oil Project and the release of a major IPCC report on how fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis.

And yet, even in the face of this discouraging news, we have a major opportunity to secure a huge win on an international fossil fuel phase out policy — and we need your help.

The State of California is considering a resolution to formally endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and call for an end to oil and gas expansion.

If California were to endorse, it would put serious pressure on world leaders to begin negotiations around a global Fossil Fuel Treaty.

But to pass the resolution, decision makers in California need to hear from people like you from all across the world. Will you sign the petition calling on decision makers in the California legislature to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty proposal?

A Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is the solution the world needs right now to address the climate crisis with the scale and urgency that is required and is based around three principles:

  • Ending Expansion – No new coal, oil or gas exploration or production
  • A Fair Phase Out – An equitable, global phase out of existing fossil fuel production in line with our 1.5ºC climate target
  • Just Transition – Support economic diversification and a renewable energy transition so that no community, country or worker is left behind

Already, a bloc of Pacific nations, the European Parliament, 80 cities and subnational governments, and thousands of scientists have joined the call for a global Fossil Fuel Treaty – and momentum is building. Getting California on board before this year’s UN Climate Talks in Dubai will have massive ramifications on how quickly – and strongly – the world coalesces around a Fossil Fuel Treaty.

Will you help convince the California legislature to act and pass their resolution endorsing a Fossil Fuel Treaty?

It’s rare to see this kind of energy emerge behind a single big global policy proposal. The community is more than 1 million people strong now, and it’s crucial that as many of us as possible help push this movement forward.

Over the years, we’ve worked to protect millions of acres of forests from extractive industries. We’ve gone up against multinational oil, gas, and coal companies worth billions of dollars and come out victorious, blocking dozens of their projects that would have poisoned local communities and accelerated the climate crisis. We’ve shifted billions of dollars of purchasing from corporate powerhouses like Starbucks, Staples, and Levi’s onto sustainable pathways.

Now, we’re going to do our part to help bring about a global Fossil Fuel Treaty.

Sign the petition to California legislators here.