Don’t let Trump bail out Big Oil

May 21, 2020

In light of the very real impacts COVID-19 is having on individuals, small businesses, and entire communities, it’s clear that the federal government has a responsibility to do everything they can to help folks.

There are lots of good ideas being floated for ways to spend tax dollars to provide relief and mitigate this crisis: providing free COVID-19 testing; offering paid emergency leave, food security assistance, and unemployment benefits; buying more equipment that frontline health workers need to stay safe; and more.

But you know what else is being proposed by the Trump administration that most certainly is not a good idea? Giving a massive bailout to Big Oil, an industry that was already in decline before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sign our petition to tell Trump and the federal government there should be NO bailouts for Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry.

Propping up the struggling fossil fuel industry with yet another government bailout is not an answer for the workers impacted by this crisis – it’s just a way to line the pockets of Big Oil CEOs, while everyday people are left to fend for themselves.

Fossil fuels are dying

If the government is looking for a way to reinvigorate our economy and help us come out stronger on the other side of this crisis, it should be looking to fund and support job retraining programs and renewable energy companies, accelerating the just transition that is already underway in many parts of the country.

In this time of huge societal disruption, space is opening up for us to envision other ways of being with each other, and re-imagine the way our society functions. The world is already moving away from fossil fuels, and that trend isn’t going to change.

It’s an important moment to remind our government what we do want them to invest in: safe and healthy communities. In the midst of this crisis, so many families and businesses all across the economy need support. This is where we need our resources focused – not just given away to massive oil companies.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Trump and the federal government: No bailouts for Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry.