We’re suing the largest provider of “natural” gas in British Columbia

March 26, 2024
Our case lays out how gas giant FortisBC is misleading consumers by promoting its dangerous product as climate-friendly.
a "natural" gas stove burning

What’s worse than a fossil fuel company that denies climate change? A fossil fuel company that claims its product is actually part of the solution.

That’s exactly what our brand new lawsuit alleges FortisBC, the largest provider of “natural” gas in British Columbia, is doing.

As climate change drives fires and floods – displacing millions of people – FortisBC is advertising climate superpollutant methane gas as a climate-friendly source of home heating. Our case says that instead of recognizing the problem and working toward a solution, the company is making promises it can’t keep about renewable gases, doubling down on its dangerous “natural” gas product, and misleading the public about its significant climate impacts.

That’s why we’re partnering with two B.C. residents and lawyers from Ecojustice and Slater Vecchio LLP to file a first of its kind lawsuit that will hold FortisBC accountable for greenwashing and force the corporation to clean up its act.

Will you sign our petition demanding FortisBC stop misleading the public?

Buildings are a major source of climate pollution, and the best way to address that threat is by installing electric heat pumps that efficiently heat our homes in the winter and cool them in the summer. The continued widespread use of “natural” gas is simply incompatible with a climate-safe future.

FortisBC claims to care about climate change and affordability, yet it continues to add thousands of new gas consumers a year, building out fossil fuel infrastructure to carry fracked gas that our warming planet simply can’t afford.

Although the lawsuit is targeting a gas giant in British Columbia, we believe a victory here can have ramifications far beyond the borders of the coastal Canadian province.

FortisBC is far from the only fossil fuel company taking up these shady tactics as the consequences of climate change become clear and public sentiment turns against fossil fuel companies. This case will put gas companies all over the globe on notice. It will let them know that we see what they’re trying to do, and we’re not going to let them get away with it.

Sign the petition demanding FortisBC stop promoting gas as a climate solution.

“Natural” gas is not a climate solution, and no amount of slick advertising will change the science. Together, we can hold fossil fuel companies accountable and build a better future.

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Gas is not a climate solution, and no amount of slick advertising will change the science.

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