We can protect communities from gas stove pollution

January 23, 2023
Since the 1970s there's been evidence that gas stoves are endangering communities.
Gas stovetop

Update: Since publication, it’s come to light that the industry was aware of the dangers as early as 1907! (no, that’s not a typo, see page 193 of the hyperlinked source for more info)

A recent peer-reviewed paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that gas stoves cause 1 in 8 cases of childhood asthma. For decades, the fossil fuel industry has taken these risks with your health and the health of your loved ones, knowing that gas stoves emit dangerous levels of formaldehyde, methane, nitrogen oxides, and other pollutants.

Right now, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a federal agency, is weighing whether or not to take action to regulate gas stoves – to address the “hidden hazard[s]” of asthma and respiratory illness that gas stoves pose.

It’s long past time to take a stand against hazardous pollution in our homes by passing policies to electrify new and existing buildings and eliminate fossil fuel appliances.

Join us in calling on the CPSC to regulate gas stoves and make sure they are kept out of new buildings and eventually phased out all together.

Much like the tobacco industry did when it was discovered how dangerous cigarettes are, the gas industry is doing everything they can to discredit what the science is saying to stop regulators from protecting people’s health. We can’t let it win.

Especially when the alternative is so much better – induction stoves heat water more quickly, pans more evenly, and are much easier to clean. They don’t spew emissions that cause asthma and cancer, nor do they directly contribute to the climate crisis. And because they run on electricity, they’re not subject to steep and sudden price spikes like gas appliances are.

The gas industry is an entrenched opponent that has shown it’s willing to go to extreme lengths to protect its profits. The industry has already started spinning its misinformation machine, trying to scare people into thinking government agents are going to come into their homes and take away their gas stoves – when in reality all that’s being proposed is regulations related to new appliances.

However, we’re no stranger to taking on giant corporate interests that think they can put their profits before people’s health. This is the moment when the Stand.earth community says, “we’re not waiting” and we walk up with a slingshot to face Goliath ourselves. We’ve gone up against multinational oil, gas, and coal companies worth billions of dollars and come out victorious, blocking dozens of their projects that would have poisoned local communities and accelerated the climate crisis.

Together, we’re going to tell the gas industry that “enough is enough” and ensure they can’t continue to poison future generations.

Interested in getting gas out of your home? Check out this neat tool from our allies at Rewiring America to see how much you could save when electrifying by using incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act.

Note: If you currently have a gas stove and are worried about the harm it could be causing you and your family, make sure to run the overhead fan and/or open windows while cooking to increase ventilation and lower pollution risks.