It’s Only Emboldening Us: Fighting Corporate Giants & Trump Lawyers

November 2, 2017

Todd Paglia, Executive Director of, was giving thanks to the people and organizations who have supported during the lawsuit brought against us and Greenpeace USA by Resolute Forest Products. Todd noted, “And we will be there for you if this comes around into your work.”

“When this comes around,” interjected Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA.

Todd, Annie, and Tom Wetterer, General Counsel of Greenpeace USA, all spoke on the webcast Corporate Giants & Trump Lawyers: Fighting Back Against Lawsuits That Threaten Us All.

They were speaking about the lawsuits from Resolute, Energy Transfer Partners and other corporations that are threatening free speech and citizen advocacy on a huge scale. The presenters shared great insights on the political context and subtext of the lawsuits, how organizations and activists can protect themselves from challenges like private investigators and onerous document discovery, and  how we can work together as a movement to beat these campaigns to silence us. 

This webcast is so full of critical information that I think it’s actually a disservice for me to pull out just a few details because activists and supporters need everything in here. You need to gather your team, watch the recording, and then take steps to be more secure and to win. 

Watching it will be challenging because the threat is serious, but it will also be inspiring. In noting the ongoing cases faced by, Greenpeace USA, and several other organizations, Tom noted that an important part of this fight is outside the courtroom, talking about how these lawsuits are having the opposite effect of what’s intended. “We’re not backing down,” said Tom. “It’s only emboldening us.”


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