lululemon’s Team Canada Olympics outfits, are made from coal?

February 7, 2022

lululemon’s products, including its Team Canada Olympics outfits, are made from coal

lululemon uses factories in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia and other countries that are powered by coal, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on earth. According to in-depth supply chain research conducted by, which traced lululemon’s products that were imported into the U.S. back to where they are manufactured, 48% of the collective energy used by the factories across Asia that make lululemon’s products comes from coal. Meanwhile, only 5% of the energy used to power these factories comes from clean renewable energy.

This year, lululemon is outfitting our Team Canada athletes at the 2022 Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games.

We took a closer look at what Team Canada athletes will be wearing during the opening and closing ceremonies, and unfortunately, these outfits are made in factories that are significantly powered by coal and very small amounts of renewable energy. Ironically, coal is not only a major source of harmful levels of air pollution being reported in Beijing in the days leading up to the Olympic games, it also poses a serious threat to the Winter Olympics, as worsening climate change increasingly degrades winter sports conditions.