How Moving Your Money Out of Dirty Banks Hurts the Fossil Fuel Industry

March 20, 2023

Banks are a critical linchpin in the climate crisis. Despite the clear threats that fossil fuels pose to people and the planet, big banks like Citibank, RBC, and JPMorganChase continue to finance the fossil fuel industry. If we can stop the big banks from investing in fossil fuels, we can shut down the industry, once and for all.

To stop these dirty banks, we need to build a powerful movement, flex our financial power as consumers and threaten to quit these banks if they don’t stop funding the climate crisis

As our movement marks the National Day of Action to Stop Dirty Banks on March 21, we are inviting our community to sign on to the Banking on our Future pledge and commit to close your account with these banks unless they stop funding climate chaos.

Since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2016, the big banks have invested more than $4 trillion in dirty fossil fuel projects and companies, like pipelines, fracking, tar sands, and exploration for new oil & gas. These investments are directly funding the fossil fuel devastation that is being experienced by thousands across the United States and around the world.

It’s time for banks to put people before profit and re-invest in a climate-safe economy, good jobs and a just transition for oil and gas workers and their families. 

Help us demand that banks put people first by signing the pledge to close your bank account unless the banks stop financing fossil fuels by the end of 2023.

Fighting back against Big Oil and Gas and the big banks can seem like a daunting task. But this is exactly the kind of fight the community of nearly 1 million people was made for. By forcing financial institutions to divest, we can pave the way for large-scale, transformative change towards a renewable energy future.

And it’s working. By joining with frontline communities and allied organizations, we’ve seen banks like HSBC and Barclays begin to take climate action and big pension funds like New York State and City divest billions from fossil fuels.

Let’s raise our voices together as we fight for a better future. Join us in calling on the banks: move your money out of fossil fuels, or we will move ours out of your banks!