My Starbucks Holiday Wish List

December 16, 2016

OK Starbucks — you dispenser of tasty things and life-giving caffeine. It’s the holiday season and we have some pretty important wishes.

We’d like to see a big company can do the right thing. We want a company that doesn’t back away from its commitments. We want you, Starbucks, to use a tiny fraction of its huge profits to reduce you impact on the world. We want you to lead.You can totally fix your garbage problem. Help us feel like not every company is all too happy to trash the planet.

We’re ready for some action to match all that beautiful ‘green’ marketing you’ve got in every store. You’re slinging coffee in cups that cannot be recycled-  more than 4 billion of them every year and not taking responsibility for that. Stop blaming local recycling centers for not being able to handle your  waste,  or consumers. They didn’t create this mess, you did. Own it. Then, fix it.

Your holiday cup is so red. So pretty. So thoughtfully designed. Just think of how festive it will look in a landfill for the next 100 years. It will totally bring a spirit of joy and giving to the situation. We hear seagulls are especially fond of your pretty red cups.