Starbucks Coffee: Trick or Treat?

October 31, 2016

A creamy pumpkin spice latte is just the thing to take a chill off this Halloween. What a yummy treat, right? 

Not so fast! Starbucks is hiding some nasty tricks…



Starbucks paper cups are not recyclable!

They are mostly paper but they have a plastic lining made by Chevron and Dow Chemical. Into the trash, they must go. Boo!

Starbucks relies on its positive brand image

They have the power to change – and already said they would. Apparently, they still need a push from us!

What happened to Starbucks’ 2008 green commitments?

They pledged to solve their paper cup problem by 2015. Yet, no action. Gasp! Did they think that we’re not paying attention?

If Starbucks changes, others will follow.

Small changes made at high levels lead to huge effects worldwide. Less forest destruction and trash for everyone

4+ billion Starbucks cups/year end up in the landfill.

It takes a whole lot of trees to make that many cups. Sad!

Paper fiber can be recycled 5 to 7 times!

Talk about coming back from the dead…

It takes more than one million trees per year to make Starbucks paper cups.

Starbucks, you know better than to waste for  convenience sakes!

Starbucks could reduce their trash, preserve forests, and save energy in one single action.

How’s that for a triple shot of win-win-win?

2% of people use reusable mugs.

We all need to be part of the solution. But that’s not an excuse to ignore Starbucks’ forest destruction.

Let’s push for more re-use!

Starbucks pledged to up the use of reusable mugs by 25%. Let’s hold them to that goal. Pow!

It feels like corporations don’t listen to us and greenwash their products.

I’d like my coffee without a shot of broken corporate promises, please.

Click here to sign and share the #Bettercup petition!

Starbucks will listen – if we have the people to make it happen. Join us and tell Starbucks you want a better cup!

UPDATE: In 2018 Starbucks made a commitment for a #bettercup due to pressure from this campaign and activists across the world. Read more here