The answer to KXL and the Dakota Access pipeline is still NO

January 24, 2017
This morning, Donald Trump signed two executive orders advancing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, demonstrating — as expected — his willingness to advance his own business dealings and embrace climate denial while communities and the climate hang in the balance.

 At, we have two things to say loud and clear.

No, you can’t trample over indigenous communities who have sovereignty over the land you want to drill under.
No, you can’t stomp over the ranchers and farmers whose land lies in your pipeline path.
No, you can’t disregard the hundreds of thousands of people across North America who have camped out, marched, rallied, sat in, and put our bodies on the line to stop these dangerous projects.
No, you can’t ignore the Obama’s sound decision to delay DAPL and to reject Keystone XL based on irrefutable science. 

We’ll resist every pipeline every step of the way, and build an energy economy that is just and equitable, that respects indigenous sovereignty, that protects the vitality of our air, water, and climate.
We’ll resist your racist, sexist, xenophobic, climate-denying, anti-science administration and all of your conflicts of interest.
We’ll resist any attempt you make to circumvent indigenous sovereignty and environmental law.
We’ll resist and only get stronger because we serve a future that puts communities and the climate first.
The answer is still #NoKXL and #NoDAPL, and will always be no. Let’s hold the line together.