The #ShipItZero campaign sets sail

August 11, 2021

Last month, in partnership with Pacific Environment, we released a first-of-its-kind report on U.S. retailers’ dependency on dirty shipping practices, officially marking the launch of our “Ship it Zero” cargo campaign.

The report sheds light on the fossil-fueled ships that traverse our oceans – packed with merchandise from companies like Amazon, IKEA, Walmart, and Target – and emit harmful air and climate pollution into the atmosphere. The report found that just fifteen companies are responsible for emitting as much pollution as tens of millions of vehicles. To put that into context, Dole, the brand you might get produce from, or the new tennis shoes you ordered on Amazon are shipped on vessels that emit the climate pollution equivalent to 1.5 million homes.

Maritime shipping is one of the world’s largest sources of pollution and emits more than all U.S. coal plants combined: over one billion tons of carbon dioxide each year.

And yet, corporations like Ikea, Walmart, Target, and Amazon get away with using dirty ships since they outsource transport to shipping companies – so we brought the issue right to them.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. Join us and amplify the cargo campaign launch by signing Ship It Zero’s petition to urge retailers to abandon dirty, fossil-fueled ships and commit to zero emissions maritime shipping.

The curtain’s up and retailers’ reliance on ships that burn the dirtiest fossil fuel is in the spotlight. Companies can take action TODAY to move toward healthier and cleaner maritime shipping.

In fact, here are three actions that Amazon, IKEA, Target, and Walmart can take NOW to address the climate crisis:

  1. Abandon Dirty Ships: Stop moving products on fossil-fueled ships.

  2. Set Sail First: Sign up to ship products on the world’s first zero-emissions ships!
  3. Put Zero at the Helm: Commit to 100% zero-emissions shipping by 2030.

There’s a clear path forward to a zero-emissions future and consumers have the power to push brands to #ShipItZero.

Add your name to urge Amazon, IKEA, Target, and Walmart to set sail on zero-emissions maritime shipping.

Want to learn more about the Ship it Zero campaign? Check out the website and full report here.