This lawsuit is a straightforward attack on free speech

January 24, 2017
Today we took the next step in our fight against Resolute Forest Products’ intimidation lawsuit against us and Greenpeace by asking the court to dismiss this attempt to squelch free speech. Resolute, Canada’s largest logging company, filed this suit last May and is seeking $300 million in damages. The company is represented by the New York firm of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, the same firm that President Trump used last year to threaten legal action against the New York Times for releasing part of his tax returns. 
This is a classic SLAPP lawsuit meant to stop us from criticizing their destructive practices in Canada’s boreal forest. The suit targets both of our organizations, as well as individual employees. If successful, it would have has enormous implications for free speech and advocacy as we know it. 
Over 100 independent organizations have already spoken out against this lawsuit. Add your voice to the letter calling on Resolute CEO Richard Garneau to drop this intimidation lawsuit.