We do not grant permission

January 30, 2017

Donald Trump may try to grant permits to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, but it’s the people who grant permission.

And, we do not grant permission.

On less than forty-eight hours notice, thousands of people turned up to the San Francisco Federal Building last week to defend Indigenous sovereignty and our right to clean air, water, and a stable climate. Organized by IdleNoMore SF Bay along with Stand.earth, 350.org, and others, we demonstrated the power of our movement with prayer, song, and moving testimony from frontline leaders.

The event was an amazing display of solidarity and intersectional movement organizing. Gloria Esteva, an immigrants’ rights organizer with Causa Justa/Just Cause in San Francisco, passionately defied Donald Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant politics, reminding all of us that now is the time to stand together and support each other’s struggles, whether it’s  blocking a pipeline or a deportation bus.