Digital art from the cover of a report titled Fracked Ferries: LNG is a false solution. This image shows a ferry powered by LNG passing in a water way between two land masses as it emits exhaust.

LNG is Fracking: Fracked Ferries

"Using LNG as a 'green' solution is like treating a headache with a hammer – it's a drastic and harmful measure that completely misses the root of the problem. Just like carbon monoxide in a home, LNG produces no visible smoke, but its impact on the environment is a death sentence."

Cargill: A Burning Legacy

We’re engaging the family owners of Cargill—the largest private company in America and the largest agribusiness company in the world—to eliminate human rights abuses and the destruction of nature from their supply chain.

Pollution smoke from a factor plan in the air with sky bad for the environment

Citibank and Fossil Fuels

Citi is the world’s second largest fossil fuel funder. We’re holding the bank accountable for fueling the climate crisis and human rights violations.

Deliver Change campaign

Zero Emissions by 2030: Delivering Change

A report published by the Clean Mobility Collective and in 2022 revealed that up to 50% of total delivery carbon emissions are from the "last mile" of delivery. Until now, not much was known about the final stage of online shopping, which is called "last-mile delivery".

Illustration that reads end fracking with cracks in the earth spreading from the N for Frack Free BC

We Want a Frack Free BC

Frack Free BC is a growing movement of people in B.C. working together to hold their government accountable on our province’s biggest climate problem: fracking.

Divestment Database

The divestment commitments database is maintained by It is the most comprehensive database of fossil fuel divestment commitments made by institutions globally.

SAFE Cities Network for Local Government Leaders

The SAFE Cities NEOS Network is a rapidly growing network of local elected officials, staffers, and volunteers on local government advisory boards in the U.S. and Canada.

Climate action in Canada protest in Vancouver

Restoring Canada’s Climate Leadership

We are fighting for stronger climate action and a just transition away from fossil fuels in Canada.

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative is spurring international cooperation to end the fossil fuel era.

Zero Emissions Delivery

E-commerce is polluting our waters, streets, and lungs - making communities sick. It’s time for zero emission shipping now.

Ending Financing for Oil in Amazonia

The Amazon is one of the last places on the planet that the oil industry and industrial extraction should be expanding.

Climate Safe Pensions

With more than $46 Trillion in assets worldwide, pension funds are one of the largest institutional investors in fossil fuels.

Royal Bank of Canada and Fossil Fuels

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the country’s biggest fossil finance giant and the world’s largest fossil fuel funder in 2022.

Killer whale breaching ocean

Canada’s Dangerous Waters Threaten Biodiversity

We work to protect killer whales and kelp forests. We aim to stop Canada’s aquatic clear-cutting ocean dumping.

Ship It Zero

Ship It Zero is a climate and public health campaign to move the world’s largest retail companies to 100% zero-emissions ocean shipping.

SAFE Cities Organizing Network

At its core, the SAFE Cities movement is about one principle – local communities Standing Against Fossil Fuel Expansion.

Ending California’s complicity in new oil drilling in the Amazon

As a major consumer of Amazonian oil, California refineries play an outsized role in the rainforest’s destruction as oil development is often a gateway to deforestation

Aerial view of fracking infrastructure in Northeastern BC.

Ending Fracking and LNG in BC

We’re working to end fracking and stop LNG expansion in B.C. – essential steps to meeting our climate commitments.

Fossil Free Computing

Fossil Free Computing

The IT sector is growing, fast. The energy required to feed its factories is going up, and because most of those factories are powered by coal and other dirty fossil fuels, emissions are also rising fast.

Fossil Free Fashion

As one of the biggest polluters on the planet and responsible for around 5-8% of global climate emissions, we cannot solve the climate crisis without the fashion industry taking bold climate action.

Forest Biomass

Burning forests for electricity – also known as forest biomass – is now one of the fastest-growing false climate solutions gripping the energy sector, threatening forests, communities and the planet.

We must protect Amazonia. Drone shot of Amazonia rainforest and a river in the heart of it.

Amazonia 80×2025 Initiative

Working towards a worldwide shift in awareness and advocacy around protecting 80% of the Amazon by 2025

Old Growth Forests

Around the world, old growth forests are under attack by corporate interests and lax environmental rules.

Make a Difference

We have less than ten years to prevent irreversible harm from climate change. Let’s secure a safer planet together.

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