Despite what the fossil fuel industry would have you believe – LNG (liquefied natural gas) and fracking are two of the fastest growing threats to our climate.

80% of gas extracted in BC is done through fracking. When industry liquefies this gas for export, it creates ‘LNG’ or liquefied fracked gas. So more LNG = more fracking, , creating an ecological disaster for communities in northeastern BC, on Treaty 8 territory, by covering the land with poisonous fracking waste and abandoned wells. Every year, fracking in British Columbia produces around 390,000 swimming pools worth of contaminated waste water.

LNG consists mainly of methane, a climate super pollutant, that when leaked during the production process is 86 times worse than carbon dioxide for warming our planet.
It’s clear that fracking and LNG have no place in B.C.’s energy future. And in the meantime, the government needs to act now to limit the negative impacts of the existing infrastructure.

By ending fracking and LNG, we can make sure that B.C. meets its carbon emission targets and we can support directly impacted communities from the devastation of fracking.

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Fracking the Peace

Fracking the Peace is a powerful new documentary by following the people whose lives, water, and land have been changed by fracking and its related industrialization on Treaty 8 territory in northeastern B.C.

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Take Action

Tell the BC government to reject the Tilbury LNG jetty

This dangerous fracked gas project could soon go ahead in metro Vancouver.

Sign the petition against LNG and fracking

We need more investment in renewables, not LNG.

Tell your MLA: No more fracking or LNG

Send your MLA an email and urge them to act



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