590,000 more barrels of tar sands each day. A 700% increase in oil tankers in the Salish Sea. A threat to endangered Orca whales.

Locking Canada into a fossil fuel economy. A violation to the climate and to Indigenous Rights.
This is the new Trans Mountain pipeline project. And it’s why it must not be built.

The pipeline project is opposed by millions of people, many of the impacted First Nations, and dozens of municipalities, including the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby. Tens of thousands have demonstrated against the Trans Mountain pipeline with over 200 having been arrested.

Justin Trudeau may have bought the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan, but together, we’ll make sure this pipeline expansion will never be built.

Key Facts

If completed, the Trans Mountain Expansion would ship as much as 590,000 barrels of tar sands crude oil every day.
The tar sands would need to be expanded to fill that new pipeline, resulting in roughly the same impact on the climate as putting 2 million new cars on the road.
Since 1961, when the Canadian government started requiring pipeline companies to report oil spills, Trans Mountain has reported over 80 oil spills on the existing pipeline.

Un-insuring Trans Mountain

Since 2019, we’ve been pressuring Trans Mountain’s known insurers to drop the pipeline and stop insuring all tar sands. And it’s working. Eighteen companies and counting have since cut ties with the pipeline. Soon the pipeline will be un-insurable – and without insurance, construction will be stopped in its tracks.

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Take Action

No more public money for Trans Mountain

Tell the government to stop using our money to subsidize this climate disaster

Cancel TMX: Fund clean water and energy

Sign the petition! It’s not too late to stop Trans Mountain and recoup $10 billion unspent in public funds.

A message from Liberty Mutual customers and staff

Please stop insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline. Respect Indigenous rights and the climate.



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