The Research Group supports the global community of philanthropists, advisors, and campaigners with cutting-edge investigative research to create breakthroughs in climate advocacy campaigns around the world.

Using supply chain research, real-time geospatial analysis, predictive modeling, and other techniques, we keep governments accountable to their environmental commitments, monitor industry emissions over time, and reveal clear connections between major brands and irresponsibly produced raw materials.

Why pour so much effort into research? Because breakthroughs in campaigns that radically change corporate and governmental policies often happen when a secret is exposed—when a company is linked to a controversial issue such as illegal logging or deforestation in the Amazon. This type of research is our specialty.

We focus our research efforts on major corporations—the industry leaders whose decisions dictate the behavior of entire markets. In recent months, our proven approach has linked global fashion brands like H&M, Puma, and Coach to leather made in the Amazon rainforest, in a campaign that generated media coverage in 300+ outlets and 30+ languages—including a piece in The New York Times. We’ve also found direct connections between single use plastics, fracking, and some of the largest consumer goods companies in the world—and identified the communities in Pennsylvania and Texas bearing the brunt of the environmental impact caused by these throw-away items. Now, we’re bringing the power of data-backed evidence to the table as we engage with the corporations that make and purchase these products.

Our research in action

Protecting Forests

B.C.’s Old Growth Scandal

August 30, 2022
Cities and Transportation

An investigation of air pollution on the decks of 4 cruise ships

January 24, 2019
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Crude Collaborators: Who hasn’t committed to stop buying Russian oil?

April 15, 2022