Photo of landscape showing wind turbines to illustrate our Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels impact area
How do we transition to sustainable low carbon energy systems when the amount of money flowing to climate solutions like renewables are not consistent with global climate objectives?

Saying “no” to new fossil fuel production is only one part of the equation. We must also say “yes” to alternative energy sources that are safe, clean, and affordable for everyone—while ensuring that the transition is equitable and just for workers along the way. 

We motivate major brands to take responsibility for energy sources at all points along their supply chains, and make the switch to renewables.  We also push big banks and pension funds to drastically increase investments in just and equitable climate solutions.  In the process, we gain the leverage to sway reluctant governments to make the shift to renewable energy investment on a national scale. 

Our current campaigns focus on motivating major apparel, tech and IT corporations, (which still rely heavily on coal-burning power plants) as well banks and pensions to implement their commitments to the energy transition, including the massive scaling up of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, and geothermal energy). In addition, our SAFE Cities campaign is providing support to jurisdictions across North America as they work to begin the process of electrification.

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Aerial view of fracking infrastructure in Northeastern BC.

Ending Fracking and LNG in BC

Despite what the fossil fuel industry would have you believe – LNG (liquefied natural gas) and fracking are two of the fastest growing threats to our climate.

Fossil Free Computing

Fossil Free Computing

The IT sector is growing, fast. The energy required to feed its factories is going up, and because most of those factories are powered by coal and other dirty fossil fuels, emissions are also rising fast.

Fossil Free Fashion

As one of the biggest polluters on the planet and responsible for around 5-8% of global climate emissions, we cannot solve the climate crisis without the fashion industry taking bold climate action.

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May 6, 2024

Be Planet? We’ll See. An official greenwashing investigation into lululemon is now underway by Canada’s Competition Bureau

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