How are banks, insurance companies, pensions and other institutional investors responsible for accelerating climate change?

By financing and investing in coal, oil and gas projects—at the very time we need to increase support for people and ecosystems and decrease global pollution—they allow fossil fuel corporations to continue extracting and polluting around the world.

Examining and challenging the financial sector’s role in propping up fossil fuel companies presents a strategic opportunity to stop new fossil fuel projects in their tracks, and advance stronger governmental protections for people and climate. We work in close partnership with frontline allies in advancing demands, organizing creative action, and directly engaging asset managers and employees. 

Our current climate finance campaigns focus on pushing the financial sector to divest from fossil fuel projects and invest in climate solutions, such as renewable energy infrastructure. We’re also swaying major pension funds throughout North America to pull their money out of fossil fuel companies that violate Indigenous rights and exacerbate the climate crisis, and reinvest it in climate-safe solutions. Thanks to our efforts, New York City recently announced its pension would reinvest $7 billion in climate solutions, far exceeding its 2018 goal of $4 billion.

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Climate Safe Pensions

With more than $46 Trillion in assets worldwide, pension funds are one of the largest institutional investors in fossil fuels.

Royal Bank of Canada and Fossil Fuels

Canada’s five biggest banks are among the top funders of fossil fuels in the world. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the country’s biggest fossil finance giant and the world’s fifth worst offender.

Divestment Database

The database of fossil fuel divestment commitments made by institutions worldwide

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