Did you know that the global shipping industry is exempt from the Paris Climate agreement? Surprise! Yeah. We’re not thrilled either.

This exemption is a big problem—because the toxic heavy fuel oil that powers shipping fleets will be responsible for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

Forming coordinated networks of allies around the globe, we’re using our extensive campaign experience—and a long history of successful government relations—to transform the enormous climate and marine impacts of this rogue, unregulated industry.

Our current campaigns focus on ending the shipping industry’s reliance on toxic heavy fuel oil, driving the transition to zero-emissions, and preventing coastal pollution. As part of the Ship It Zero coalition, we work with partner organizations to advocate for a 100% zero-emissions global shipping industry by 2030. We’ve also alerted the public to loopholes in maritime law that allow cruise ships to dump pollutants overboard the moment they cross into Canadian waters—turning the oceans off the west coast into the shipping industry’s public toilet. We’re leading the effort to tighten regulations on ships traveling through the area.

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Killer whale breaching ocean

Canada’s Dangerous Waters Threaten Biodiversity

Kelp forests are home and feeding grounds for species like killer whales, sea otters, and salmon and once stretched for hundreds of kilometers. Now, Canada prioritizes business over biodiversity. Shipping laws are so weak that ships from around the world will cross into Canada's oceans to dump their waste directly into the ocean.

Ship It Zero

Ship It Zero is a climate and public health campaign to move the world’s largest retail companies to 100% zero-emissions ocean shipping.

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