Tropical forests like the Amazon are home to Indigenous nationalities who unambiguously oppose the exploitation of the land they’ve lived on since time immemorial.

These forests are also hotbeds of biodiversity, supporting millions of rare and unique species—many of which are critical to the production of life-saving drugs. And, like every forest, tropical forests are essential climate regulators, safely storing greenhouse gasses that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, further accelerating global warming. In spite of all of this, tropical forests around the world are under threat.

Our current tropical forest campaigns focus on stopping new fossil fuel production in the Amazon by restricting the capital that financial institutions provide for expanded oil drilling and trade finance, securing new policy and regulatory mechanisms to ensure California, one of the world’s largest customers of Amazonian oil, is not complicit in expanded oil drilling in the region, and setting higher ambition for the Amazon in global conservation policy. 

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Ending Financing for Oil in the Amazon

The Amazon is one of the last places on the planet that the oil industry and industrial extraction should be expanding and it is time for banks to step up and ensure that they aren’t complicit in harming Indigenous rights and the continued degradation of this critical region.

Amazonia 80×2025 Initiative

The Amazon rainforest is in the midst of a tipping point crisis and unless we secure ambitious protection for it, we could soon be seeing the rainforest transform into a savannah.

Ending California’s complicity in new oil drilling in the Amazon

As a major consumer of Amazonian oil, the state of California plays an outsized role in the destruction of this sacred rainforest.

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March 13, 2023

Indigenous activists are being targeted in the Amazon

March 9, 2023 exige justicia por el asesinato de Eduardo Mendúa

March 9, 2023 demands justice for Eduardo Mendúa’s murder

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