It’s time to deliver game-changing, globally significant climate policy. Where can we have the biggest impact?

With more and more of Earth’s population moving into urban centers every year—and with the fossil-fuel-dependent transportation industry growing much faster than previously predicted—these two areas offer incredible opportunities for climate advocacy, acting as levers that can maximize our impact as we work towards a robust clean energy economy.

Throughout human history, cities have acted as hubs of innovation and opportunity. Through our SAFE Cities (Standing Against Fossil Fuel Expansion) program, we are working with local organizers throughout North America and beyond to reduce and transition away from dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure, and advocate for safer climate policy at home and around the world. Our Fleets program is uncovering the secret emissions impacts of delivery companies like Amazon and FedEx.

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Our campaigns are moving major courier companies to commit to zero-emission deliveries by 2030, transition to electric vehicles, and work with governments across geographies to ensure rapid electrification of delivery fleets.

SAFE Cities

Our campaigns are growing the international movement of cities and counties that are using their power to phase out fossil fuels (methane gas, gas stations, and more), fast-track clean energy solutions, and support a just transition to a clean energy economy in their communities.



Our campaigns are ending the shipping industry’s reliance on toxic heavy fuel oil, driving the transition to zero-emissions, and preventing coastal pollution.