California Gov. Newsom announces phase out of oil production and fracking by 2045

April 24, 2021 calls move a game changer, says oil producing regions in Alaska, Alberta, and Amazon rainforest should take note

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — Today, Gov. Newsom’s office announced the first steps on a plan to end oil extraction in California by 2045, and to no longer issue permits for fracking after January 2024. Years of organizing by frontline communities in California set the stage for this victory. This is a huge and important vision that should make other oil producing regions in Alberta, the Amazon, and Alaska take note.

In response to the announcement, issued the following statements:

“California’s commitment to end oil and gas development due to the climate emergency is a game changer. For years governments have argued that they only needed to constrain emissions not production which resulted in the oil industry continuing to pollute, poison, and lock us into a dirty future. When your house is on fire you don’t throw more fuel on it — we have to stop building more of the problem,” said Tzeporah Berman, International Program Director at 

“Stopping new permits for fracking and a plan for phasing out oil production are critical steps in the energy transition,” said Matt Krogh, US Oil & Gas Campaign Director at, “and the Governor should be applauded for that vision. This is a huge win for frontline communities and activists who have been fighting the oil industry in California, and an important statement for a world that must leave fossil fuels behind to have a chance at limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees.”

“The Governor’s recognition of the need for a phaseout emphasizes that frontline communities in California deserve immediate action on the health and safety buffers they have been calling for for years. Without an immediate 2,500’ setback from oil and gas production, an eventual ban on fracking will still leave people vulnerable to industry pollution from neighborhood drilling for years to come. We support the Governor’s first steps, and encourage him to work with the most impacted people in extraction and refining communities to make a plan for their immediate protection,” said Krogh.


Media contact: Matt Krogh,, US Oil & Gas Campaign Director, (360) 820-2938,