Cincinnati Indigenous leaders respond to P&G’s statement on equality

June 4, 2020

CINCINNATI, OHIO — Indigenous leaders in Cincinnati have responded to Procter & Gamble CEO David Taylor’s statement on equality, by questioning whether his statement includes the Indigenous populations in Canada whose forests P&G clearcut to make Charmin toilet paper. 

The Indigenous leaders, who wish to remain anonymous in order to amplify Black voices at this time, issued their statement by video on Thursday, June 4, while standing outside P&G headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. Nearby, activists also wrote in chalk on the sidewalk ,“David Taylor, does equality mean respect of Indigenous lands?”

“P&G: We see you. Black lives matter. There are a lot of corporations that are putting out statements and handing out money in the name of equality. But you can’t have equality in the city, on one hand, while you’re destroying Indigenous forests, on the other.”

The Indigenous leaders also issued an additional statement on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The Indigenous community in Cincinnati stands with the Black community while justice for George Floyd is being sought. We find it hypocritical that a corporation like Procter & Gamble — who have yet to take real action on equality for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color — can make public statements like they did yesterday. We are not buying it. We need the voice of the people to be heard, not greedy posturing corporations.”

The video can be seen below.

In early April, a coalition of Indigenous and religious leaders across greater Cincinnati sent an open letter to Procter & Gamble, urging the company to stop destroying critical forests for toilet paper. The full letter can be read online. P&G did not respond.


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