Local Activists Protest lululemon’s Environmental Record at Houston 10k

November 13, 2022


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 13, 2022

Contact: Emily Pomilio, 480-286-0401, emily@eriksongroup.com

Houston, TXTexas Campaign for the Environment and Stand.earth cheered on runners but protested athleisure brand lululemon at the company-sponsored Houston 10K foot race today.

Activists stood at the start and finish line and along the course holding signs and banners reading: “lululemon: quit coal, go renewable” and “lululemon pollutes” while handing out literature and collecting petition signatures from the thousands of runners and spectators.

See photos here and graphics below.  

“We demand lululemon publicly commit to phase out coal, methane gas and other fossil fuels and switch to 100% clean, renewable energy across its supply chains by 2030,” said Robin Schneider of Texas Campaign for the Environment. “We call on lululemon to create demand for a clean energy future and join other brands who have taken this initiative.” 

Despite lululemon’s promotion of health and wellness, many of lululemon’s products are made in factories powered by highly polluting coal, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on earth. Burning coal contributes to climate change and can cause heart disease, lung and throat cancers and respiratory diseases for people living nearby. lululemon’s use of coal is particularly harmful to people and the environment in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, where its products are made. 

“lululemon’s failure to address the impacts of its supply chain implies that a healthy lifestyle is only for the people that can afford its clothes, and not for those directly affected by its production,” said Jim Ace of Stand.earth. “lululemon’s use of coal is putting the health of climate and local communities at risk.” 

Stand.earth has been leading a global campaign to move fashion brands like lululemon — one of the biggest, most profitable, and fastest-growing sportswear brands in the world — to shift its suppliers off of coal to renewable energy, protecting both the planet and the public health of local communities near its factories. Just last week, Stand.earth released an analysis that revealed that despite its lip service to climate change, lululemon’s supply chain emissions actually increased in 2020.

In February 2022, Stand.earth continued in its campaign to hold lululemon accountable, criticizing the company’s Team Canada Olympics gear for contributing to climate change and threatening the very future of the winter sports it was sponsoring (See photos). This September, hundreds of yoga teachers and students from around the world sent a letter to lululemon asking it to quit coal and go renewable. Dozens then participated in Stand.earth’s “Yoga for Coal-Free Fashion” yoga protest outside of the company’s headquarters

Learn more about Stand.earth’s Fossil Free Fashion Campaign at lulucoal.com.