SLO Planning Commission Set to Approve Phillips 66 Oil Train Plan

May 16, 2016

Opposition groups release statements

[San Luis Obispo, CA] The San Luis Obispo Planning Commission, after its meeting today, is set to approve the permit for the controversial proposed Phillips 66 oil train terminal.

Opposition groups released the following statements:  

“There’s no way to hide the dangers this project poses to our climate, our environment, and our communities, and the Planning Commission’s foolish attempt will be calamitous for San Luis Obispo’s residents. Nothing the Commission did renders this project legally permissible or safe from the devastating levels of pollution. If it votes for final approval as planned, it will be up to our County Supervisors to undo the Commission’s mistake and deny this project.”  Andrew Christie, Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club Director

“The three commissioners votes in favor of the Phillips 66 train terminal are testimony to the power of Big Oil, as well as a very parochial view of men who were unwilling to stand up for citizens’ fundamental rights to health and safety in our county and state. Ultimately, this decision will outrage and mobilize even more protest against the project.”  Charles Varni, South County Coordinator, Surfrider Oil Train Coordinator

“I am saddened to see the Planning Commission put the health and safety of the people of SLO at risk from exploding, toxin-spewing oil trains. It’s time to say no the the dangerous and outdated fossil fuel infrastructure of the past and yes to the innovative infrastructure of renewable technologies.” Heidi Harmon, ProtectSLO Coalition

“It’s deeply disappointing to see the planning commission putting oil industry profits ahead of the safety of the millions of people living along the rail line. Tens of thousands of people have spoken out against this disastrous plan and the risks it poses of oil train fires, spills and explosions. This decision goes against the county staff recommendation and common sense. We can only hope the Board of Supervisors listens to reason and denies the project.” Valerie Love, CBD, Clean Energy Campaigner

“The Planning Commission is set to approve the Phillips 66 oil train project over the advice of their expert staff, 26 California cities and counties, 18 school boards, and thousands of residents living in the blast zone. We will appeal this careless decision to the Board of Supervisors and we expect the elected representatives of the people of SLO will put public health and safety first and reject the dangerous, unnecessary plan.” Ethan Buckner, Stand California Campaigner