Fossil Free Fashion campaign reacts to Fashion Pact renewable energy announcement

December 9, 2022

Yesterday the Fashion Pact, a group of major fashion brands working together on sustainability, released an update to their climate program including announcing a new collective renewable energy purchase agreement in Europe.

In response to the announcement, Fashion campaigner Rachel Kitchin, said:

“Collaborative efforts to deploy renewable energy are something we need to see a lot more of from fashion brands, but while it’s good to see these major industry players start to work together, it needs to be at far bigger scale and geographically grounded where the emissions are happening in order to have an impact.

“Additional renewable energy in Europe can reduce demand for fossil fuels from Russia and elsewhere, but the reality is that 80-90% of brands’ pollution is occurring in Asia and other part of their supply chain – millions of tonnes of carbon emissions and air pollution pumped into mostly poor and climate-vulnerable communities.

“Yet another round of “shop window” renewable projects linked to their stores and offices smacks of greenwashing unless this collective approach to deploying renewable is taken directly to their supply chain to displace the coal and other fossil fuels that are driving air and climate pollution in Asia that is having massive human health impacts every single day.”


Media contact:

Emily Pomilio, Corporate Campaigns

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