reacts to IEA review of Canada’s energy policy 

January 13, 2022

IEA addresses Canada’s emissions from oil and gas production head on, but hinges on false climate solutions 

Unceded Coast Salish Territories (VANCOUVER, BC) — The International Energy Agency released a new policy review of Canada’s energy system today, the most recent in-depth review to date since 2015. 

In this latest review, the Agency identifies fossil fuel production as a barrier to achieving the country’s climate targets but hinges on problematic technology solutions to resolve the climate crisis.    

“The International Energy Agency correctly identifies emissions from oil and gas production as Canada’s climate Achilles heel, but misses the obvious solution to the problem,” said Sven Biggs, Canadian Oil and Gas Program Director.  “In a world that is already battered by the effects of a changing climate, it is unconscionable to keep growing fossil fuel production. Canada must cap our oil and gas production and develop a plan to wind down extraction as global demand declines.” 

Instead of taking on the problem of oil and gas emissions head on, the IEA report recommends continuing to bet our future on unproven and nonviable technologies including carbon capture, utilisation and storage, which has failed meet its claims to date about reducing emissions but has successfully been used to increase oil extraction, and small modular nuclear reactors, which is an extremely expensive solution that has the obvious downside of generating radioactive waste. 

“We cannot bet the future of our climate on unproven and false solutions when the alternatives, like electric cars and renewable energy, are ready to be deployed now, and more cost effective than continuing to grow our dirty and outdated energy system,” Biggs continued. “The future of energy is clean and sustainable, we must stop trying to put off that transition. Instead, the Canadian government should give the energy sector a clear timeline for the inevitable changes that are in line with our commitment to net zero by 2050.”       


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