Scheer’s climate announcement doesn’t deserve to be called a plan

June 19, 2019

Announcement tackles the symptoms — not the causes — of climate change

VANCOUVER, BC — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer released his party’s long-awaited “climate plan” today in Gatineau, Quebec. In response to the announcement, issued the following statement: 

“Today’s climate announcement by the Conservative party doesn’t deserve to be called a plan. The announcement is full of meaningless rhetoric and failed approaches, with absolutely no accountability to meeting the commitments Canada has made to do our fair share on fighting climate change. 

Scheer seems to be following in U.S. President Donald Trump’s approach to climate change: rebrand a few fossil fuels, double down on taxpayer-funded fossil fuel subsidies, and throw in a few weak policies that tackle the symptoms — not the causes — of climate change. 

A good climate plan reduces emissions from all sectors though a price on carbon or regulations, creates a plan for renewable energy and electrification scale up, and sets targets and timelines for emissions reductions from buildings, vehicles, and industry.  A progressive plan would also address equity, a just transition for workers, and indigenous rights in both mitigation and adaptation. Scheer fails to include any plans to address climate change.

Scheer’s announcement won’t help Canada meet its commitments to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement, and it won’t keep Canadians safe from devastating floods and wildfires. It’s the equivalent of throwing life jackets to homeowners in flood zones instead of preventing their homes from flooding in the first place.” 

-Tzeporah Berman, International Program Director at

Note: Canada’s largest source of emissions and fastest growing emissions are from oil and gas production. Scheer’s plan will not reduce oil and gas emissions. 


Media contact: Sven Biggs, Climate & Energy Campaigner,, 778-882-8354