Statement in Solidarity with Victims of Racist Attack in Buffalo, New York

May 17, 2022

In response to the racist attack at a grocery store in a predominantly Black neighborhood in New York, Executive Director Todd Paglia said:

“In the wake of the horrific white supremacist murders in Buffalo, pledges its unequivocal solidarity with the victims, survivors, and their communities. We denounce white supremacy in all its forms, including the xenophobic eco-fascist theories espoused by right wing political movements, spokespeople, and actors.”

To learn more about how you can help and to learn more about the foundational work of environmental justice, please see the resources below:

On environmental justice:

The National Black Environmental Justice Network’s statement on Environmental Justice and Environmental Racism

There’s a clear fix to helping Black communities fight pollution: Industrial pollution has sickened and poisoned Black communities for decades. Environmental justice experts have a solution to stop this.

There is No Climate Justice without Racial Justice

Unequal Impact: The Deep Links Between Racism and Climate Change

Why is Racial Justice a Climate Justice Issue

On anti-blackness and what non-black people can do to support right now:

Wondering what the term ‘white supremacy’ means and how it relates to your life? This illustration does a great job at listing dozens of overt and covert actions that reinforce white supremacy, often unintentionally 

Want to learn more about being anti-racist? Here’s a comprehensive list of books, articles, and podcasts (including kid-friendly resources)

Want to talk with kids about racism? Here’s a great toolkit, an age by age guide, and a list of 31 books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance 

Check out the divest-invest platform from Movement for Black Lives.

How to Support Black Voices and Black Livelihoods: 

Get involved with Black-led racial justice campaigning organization Color of Change

In the US, shop using WeBuyBlack, Black Wallet, and Official Black Wall Street, which list out and allow you to buy from black-owned businesses

In Canada, shop using this directory of black-owned businesses in Canada



Contact: Travis Nichols