statement on Black lives, police violence & white supremacy

June 1, 2020

We unequivocally stand in support of Black lives and we denounce white supremacy and police violence in all its forms.

At, we unequivocally stand in support of Black lives and we denounce white supremacy and police violence in all its forms. And we are disgusted to see politicians – including Donald Trump – fueling further violence against protestors who are simply sick and tired of hundreds of years of oppression, death, and political inaction and incompetence. 

As we watch resistance to white supremacy and racism grow around the US and, now, around the world, we truly hope that this will be a moment of transformative change and we stand in support of Black Lives Matter and other racial justice organizations working toward this change. 

To every person reading this, now is the time to do everything in our collective power to disrupt the systems that perpetuate racial injustice in policing, health care, housing, pollution, and more. This is a time where silent agreement is not enough – instead, this moment in history calls upon us to be vocally anti-racist and anti-white supremacist. We need to say loudly that Black Lives Matter and then take action to change the status quo. We need to donate to Black-led community organizations and efforts, support Black businesses, and advocate to defund the police, who have time and time again served to perpetuate inequities and protect the powerful at the expense of people of color. 

To other organizations and businesses, we encourage you to give your staff – especially Black staff – paid time off right now to take care of their health and well-being if they need to, or to attend protests if they choose to.

And finally, we know that systems of racism extend outside US borders, and that all countries need to work to dismantle white supremacy, including Canada. 



If you want to learn more about anti-blackness, police violence and what non-black people can do to support right now, here are some good places to start:



We also understand that the same systems that uphold police violence have resulted in Black, brown and Indigenous communities suffering the brunt of the impacts of climate pollution and climate change in the US, Canada and around the world. As a member of the Climate Action Network, we support and affirm this statement made today by US CAN