Stand: New Name for ForestEthics Reflects Action on Forests, Community, Climate and Solutions

March 21, 2016

Stand is a name that demonstrates our commitment to stand for communities and the climate, just as we fight for forests and wild places

[Bellingham, WA] Today the public interest group ForestEthics takes the new name STAND. Online at Stand.Earth.

Stand was founded in 1999 to hold US brands responsible for logging operations where trees for paper, lumber, and fiber are cut. Stand’s markets-based approach to public interest advocacy has shifted hundreds of millions of dollars to responsible purchasing and secured the protection of 65 million acres of wilderness. Today Stand leads the fight to stop dangerous extreme oil pipelines and crude oil trains in the US and Canada. Read more here in a blog by Stand executive director Todd Paglia.

Environmental and human rights advocates released the following statements:

“Stand is a name that demonstrates our commitment to stand for communities and the climate, just as we fight for forests and wild places.”
Michael Uehara, Stand board president

“I’m proud of the legacy of ForestEthics and look forward to the next chapter. From the blockades to the boardrooms, ForestEthics always recognized that it is essential to take a stand to ensure healthy forests, safe communities and a stable climate. I am very proud of ForestEthics legacy and excited about this next step in the organization’s evolution to Stand.”
Tzeporah Berman, Stand founder and board member

“Over decades of fighting to protect the Great Bear Rainforest, ForestEthics recognized that the rights of local communities are the top priority. Now the group has a name that conveys the critical role Stand plays — disrupting environmental destruction and engaging with companies and government to solve intractable environmental problems.”
Rhea Suh, Natural Resource Defense Council executive director

“Stand recognized early that tar sands was an urgent threat to the great forests of North America and stepped up to stop dangerous pipelines and crude oil trains that the oil industry uses to transport toxic, explosive crude through our cities and towns.”
Michael Brune, Sierra Club executive director

“The name Stand is a welcome change for a group that gives community health and environmental justice equal attention to the climate and forest protection, knowing full well that they are all one in the same.”
Jacqueline Patterson, NAACP environmental and climate justice program director

“Stand is a new name that better represents ForestEthics’ core values, deep partnerships, and relentless approach to creating solutions that advance human and environmental safety, health and justice.”
Bill McKibben, co-founder

“I am proud to stand with Stand. Stand connects the dots between forest destruction and the major US corporations buying and selling products made from those trees. Mix in partners, community, and movement and it all adds up to a potent organization.”
Annie Leonard, Greenpeace executive director

“I like the name. It has a little ‘$^#! you’ and a little unity. Just like it took for us to get the Great Bear agreements.”
Dallas Smith, president of the Nanwakolas Council 

“RAN and ForestEthics have worked together for many years challenging corporate power. We look forward to working with Stand for many years to come, keeping forests standing and holding companies accountable for how communities are treated around the world.”
Lindsey Allen, Rainforest Action Network executive director

“ForestEthics always stood with California families fighting to stop deadly oil trains that threaten our homes, our schools, and our drinking water. Now as Stand, the group has a name that reflects our shared goals of safe and healthy communities and climate, and the organizing and advocacy that it takes to get there.” 
Byron Ramos Gudiel, Communities for a Better Environment executive director

“Congratulations on the new name — When we stand together, we help to sustain the wellbeing of our entire community. Standing as one makes us all stronger and more resilient.”
Marc Yaggi, Waterkeeper Alliance executive director

“Stand is a great new name. Works on many levels; ForestEthics has a history of taking strong stands, and of defending ancient stands of forests, and of standing with others in key struggles against new fossil fuel infrastructure. So welcome to the new Stand.”
Seth Klein, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC office director

“Stand moves corporations and government to take responsibility for human health and the environment. Our Healthy Forests and Extreme Oil campaigns disrupt, engage, and create solutions that connect communities, human rights, wild places, and the climate.”
Todd Paglia, Stand executive director