Statement: denounces police brutality in the killing of Tyre Nichols

January 28, 2023

Statement in response to the police killing of Tyre Nichols from Executive Director Todd Paglia: denounces the horrific violence perpetrated by officers of the Memphis Police Department in the killing of Tyre Nichols.

This incident of shocking brutality speaks to the devastating and destructive effects of police violence and institutional racism, which by now seem not only interwoven with but inherent to the current justice system in this country. It is impossible to disentangle the officers responsible for Tyre’s death from the system that sanctioned this violence, and it is past time to examine ways to deconstruct police brutality and defund all structures that continually perpetuate violence.

We stand in solidarity with Black and Brown Americans who live every day under the exhausting weight of these dynamics, and carry the brunt of these persistent attacks occurring within their communities.

A simple traffic stop shouldn’t end in death. Tyre’s killing should serve as a clear and resounding call for immediate steps to be taken toward repair within our broken structures of justice, to ensure no further loss of life takes place at the hands of the systems that should be tasked with protecting people and preserving peace.

The acts of hatred and ugliness committed by the officers who stole Tyre’s life stand in sharp contrast to the love and beauty captured in his photography, embodied in his life, and impressed upon those who loved him. Let’s remember him this way.

May Tyre rest in peace and power, and may his family and friends find healing and support from an international community whose hearts break with theirs at witnessing this appalling tragedy.


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