Tzeporah Berman, international programs director and adjunct professor, attending UN Katowice Climate Change Conference

December 3, 2018

Notable environmentalist available for media interviews on shipping industry and heavy fuel oil, fashion industry and carbon emissions, oil and gas industry and Trans Mountain Pipeline, Canada’s progress to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets

KATOWICE, POLAND — Notable environmentalist and international program director Tzeporah Berman is traveling to Katowice, Poland, from December 2 to December 14, 2018 for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 24th Conference of the Parties (COP 24).

Berman will be available for media interviews through December 14 in Katowice, Poland (+9 hours PST and +6 hours EST). Berman will also occasionally provide video updates on’s Facebook page at

Berman can speak on the following issues that will be addressed during COP 24 events, including the shipping industry and heavy fuel oil, the fashion industry and carbon emissions, the oil and gas industry and the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and Canada’s progress on its greenhouse gas reduction targets:

  • Shipping industry and heavy fuel oil: is calling on cruise giant Carnival Corporation and the larger shipping industry to transition away from burning heavy fuel oil to power its ships ahead of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) global ban on high-sulfur fuel, including heavy fuel oil, beginning in 2020.
  • Fashion industry and carbon emissions: is calling on the fashion industry, which represents some 8.1% of global climate emissions, to make climate commitments in line with the Paris Agreement, including adequately reducing supply chain (Scope 3) emissions by reducing energy consumption from factories and mills and encouraging a shift from coal to renewable energy. A collaborative fashion industry charter on climate action will be announced on December 10 at the conference and Berman will be available for comment.
  • Oil and gas industry and Trans Mountain Pipeline: is opposed to the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project, and the growth of emissions from expansion of  the oil and gas industry in Canada that keep the country from meeting its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement. is also participating in California’s permitting process to prevent the Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery from receiving and refining oilsands tankers.


Media contacts:

Tzeporah Berman, BA MES LLD, International Programs Director,, (604) 313-4713, Skype: tzeporah (In Poland, +9 hours PST, +6 hours EST)

Virginia Cleaveland, Press Secretary,, (778) 984-3994 in Canada or +1 (510) 858-9902 in United States (PST)