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Cities and Transportation

A Roadmap to Fossil-Free Homes

September 21, 2023
Forest Eye
Protecting Forests

Forest Eye

July 24, 2023

Community Climate Impact Map

June 8, 2023


Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Protected: Progress, but not enough to show for it. Fashion emissions pathways still off track for 1.5C

November 29, 2023
Aerial view of biomass production site in the middle of the forest
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Biomass Burning: The Fashion Industry’s False Phase-Out

November 27, 2023
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

How does the IT industry’s supply chain stack up on a 1.5C pathway?

November 27, 2023


A group of activists on the Sunshine Coast hold end fracking signs
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Turn Up The Heat for a Frack Free BC: Rally Information

July 11, 2023
Protecting Forests

Meet your MLA: old growth logging deferrals

November 1, 2022

President Biden: Block all new fossil fuel projects and invest in a clean energy future

November 1, 2022

Videos & Webinars

The End Of Dirty Secrets: A conversation with Research Group

October 30, 2023

Mindfulness for a Reactive World: a conversation with Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Todd Paglia

June 27, 2023 presents the art of the impossible with jennifer egan and todd paglia

The Art of the Impossible: a conversation with Jennifer Egan, Todd Paglia, and the community

May 31, 2023