Interactive Data Visualizations

Cities and Transportation

A Roadmap to Fossil-Free Homes

September 21, 2023
Forest Eye
Protecting Forests

Forest Eye

July 24, 2023

Community Climate Impact Map

June 8, 2023


Digital art, representing an LNG ferry passing in a water way between two land masses as it emits exhaust.
Cities and Transportation

Fracked Ferries

March 12, 2024
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Clean Clicks or Dirty Chips?

March 6, 2024
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Ctrl-Alt-Incomplete: The Gaps in Microsoft’s Climate Leadership

February 21, 2024


lululemon logo peaking out from under bunch of coal
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Lululemon Tip line

March 14, 2024
Photo of a spirit bear in the forest to illustrate our Protecting Forests impact area

2023 Impact Report

November 23, 2023
A group of activists on the Sunshine Coast hold end fracking signs
Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Turn Up The Heat for a Frack Free BC: Rally Information

July 11, 2023

Videos & Webinars

Cities and Transportation

Washington’s Leadership in the Global Climate Movement: A roundtable discussion with leadership and partners

December 12, 2023

My Climate Journey Podcast: Creative Climate Campaigns at

November 6, 2023

The End Of Dirty Secrets: A conversation with Research Group

October 30, 2023