Banking on Amazon Destruction

A new scorecard and report ranks global banks for their exposure connected financing and investment in the oil and gas industry in the Amazon biome and calls for an Amazon oil exit strategy for these banks.

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This new report in partnership with Amazon Watch finds that despite sustainability commitments and risk management screening processes, banks remain highly exposed to the risk of funding corruption, human rights violations, environmental harms — and ultimately, climate chaos — due to their ongoing relationships with oil companies and traders operating in the region.

The Amazon is the last place on the planet that the oil industry and industrial extraction should be expanding and it is time for banks to step up and ensure that they aren’t complicit in harming Indigenous rights and the continued degradation of this critical region.

Out of the 14 banks evaluated, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup are at “very high” risk.

Read the press release: New scorecard & report fails global banks for financing the destruction of the Amazon (press release translations are also available in SpanishFrench, and Portuguese).


The Amazon rainforest is nearing a tipping point due to the massive degradation of this interconnected ecosystem. Scientists define the tipping point as the moment at which enough deforestation occurs that the Amazon will no longer be able to sustain itself, which will trigger the dieback of the entire rainforest. Due to the looming nature of these threats, which would have massive implications in the region and for the global climate, Indigenous leaders and environmental groups are calling for banks to stop investing in oil expansion and large-scale extractivism in the Amazon biome and for elected leaders in the region to ensure that 80% of the forest is protected by 2025.

Banks must adopt an Amazon-wide exclusion policy

It’s time to cut the money pipeline fueling Amazon destruction. Urge banks to stop financing oil expansion in the Amazon by adopting an exclusion policy for the whole region. Add your name now.

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Banking on Amazon Destruction

The Amazon rainforest is at its tipping point and global banks are financing its destruction.

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