Forest Eye combines satellite imagery, remote sensing, and government data to detect logging and road-building in the most rare and at-risk old growth forests.
Forest Eye Research Group (SRG) has launched Forest Eye, an innovative new tool – the first of its kind in British Columbia’s forestry history – to track logging in the last remaining majestic old growth forests in B.C.

A bespoke data mapping tool, Forest Eye combines remote sensing, satellite imagery, and GIS mapping in an alert system to monitor old growth logging and inform the public so they can hold elected officials accountable and organize around protecting what is left.

SRG began tracking logging using Forest Eye in March 2023. Already more than 3000 hectares of old-growth forest, the majority of which are candidate deferrals, have been identified as logged by the system, with no sign that the destruction is slowing. SRG has processed hundreds of alerts since March and there are hundreds more still being screened. Forest Eye can interrupt that trend by calling the government and the industry to account and allowing the public access to the devastation in old growth forests like never before.

Animated gif of logging of old growth forest


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