Fuelling Failure

New paper exposes the critical dangers that fossil fuels pose to the entire sustainable development agenda.

The report, coined Fuelling Failure: How coal, oil and gas sabotage all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, finds that oil, gas and coal production and emissions are a primary threat to our water, health, biodiversity and ability to provide economic and energy security. It calls for an international framework with binding commitments that constrain fossil fuel production globally, one that complements existing pledges to cut emissions, reverse biodiversity loss and curtails pollution which the world fails to meet due to their rampant fossil fuel production.

The report, which is draws on more than 400 academic articles, civil society reports and case studies, acknowledges that “the exploration, extraction, refining, transportation and combustion of oil, gas and coal is making it impossible for the global community to meet the SDGs, threatening lives and livelihoods, and the ability of the planet to sustain human wellbeing”. Today’s most pressing crises – from poverty, world hunger, health and conflict – are all made increasingly difficult in a warming world.