Protected: Lululemon’s Fracking Problem has released new research that reveals how Lululemon is contributing to the growth of the fracking-derived petrochemical industry through its sourcing of virgin polyester.

Key Findings

Over 76% of Lululemon’s clothing fabric is made from fossil-fuel derived synthetic fibres, including polyester and nylon which are manufactured using petrochemicals derived from oil and gas. Meanwhile, only one-third of Lululemon’s polyester and nylon is currently from recycled sources.

Because of the deliberate obscurity of fashion supply chains, it is extremely difficult to prove a direct link, but each connection increases the probability that the polyester found in any individual garment from Lululemon is derived from fracking in the Permian Basin.

In February 2024, submitted a complaint against Lululemon to Canada's Competition Bureau on grounds of greenwashing. Lululemon's 'Be Planet' marketing campaign claims that the company's products "contribute to a healthy planet." However, its products have extensive links to the growing petrochemical industry, which is on track