The Art of the Impossible: a conversation with Jennifer Egan, Todd Paglia, and the community

Pulitzer prize-winning author Jennifer Egan is a longtime supporter of, as well as a long-standing friend of our executive director Todd Paglia. In April 2023, the two gathered with the Stand community in New York City to talk about the power of hope and imagination. This was a rich conversation between two friends – one a celebrated writer, the other the co-founder and executive director of what Fast Company called one of the 10 most innovative nonprofits in 2023. 

We invite you to listen in as they talk about opportunities for the climate movement to achieve the type of breakthroughs we are seeking, and share how cultivating creative and mindfulness practices can accelerate a crucial path forward in climate action. The art of the impossible, to take meaningful action and win hard-fought campaigns for a safer planet, is more possible than we think.

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The Art Of The Impossible
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Jennifer Egan is the author of several novels and a short story collection. Her book,  A Visit From The Goon Squadwon the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Egan has also written The Keep, Manhattan Beach, and The Candy House among others. She recently completed a term as President of PEN America.

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