The End Of Dirty Secrets: A conversation with Research Group

On October 25, 2023, Todd Paglia hosted a conversation with the staff of the Research Group. These are some of the best supply chain analysts in the world, connecting climate outcomes with people, places, and big brands who are often unwittingly part of destructive practices, so we can influence what is happening and move entire industries towards safer climate action. All of this work is aimed at challenging corporate and government leaders to act NOW — and it’s working.

Here are helpful links to resources mentioned during the conversation:

  1. You can explore the Exit Amazonia Oil and Gas website and database here: 
  2. You can download the “Banking on Amazon Destruction” report here: 
  3. Here’s the 2021 Wall Street Journal article on banks exiting Amazon oil: 
  4. Explore the SAFE Cities website here: 
  5. You can download our Building Electrification report here: 
  6. Explore the “Deliver Change” website here: 
  7. Read the Cost of Convenience report here: