The Great Bear Rainforest Victory: What the Win Means for Conservation and First Nations’ Rights,

From almost two decades of conflict and negotiations, First Nations, elected leaders, environmentalists and several forest companies forged world-leading outcomes and a momentous victory: Eighty-five percent of the forests in the Great Bear Rainforest are now legally off limits to logging and First Nations have more oversight of their lands. The terms of the agreement are profound for the region’s First Nations communities, for the forests’ wildlife, and for global climate, and they also are shaping expectations in other conflicts. Please join this webinar with two of the agreement’s architects to learn details of what was won in the Great Bear and how they see it shaping other campaigns for Indigenous rights and for conservation.

Please note that due to audio problems in the beginning of the webinar, we re-recorded the first answers from Garry Wouters after the live webinar and integrated them into this recording. That is also why we lose the slides during his early answers.

Valerie Langer, Strategic Campaigns at Stand and Garry Wouters, Policy Consultant to the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative Society

Anne Pernick, Stand