All of’s brand assets are proprietary. If you opt to use any trademarks, logos, designs and/or other brand features, you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms found here.

Master Logo Configurations

Primary — Block

This primary logo should be used on most applications. The minimum width for this version is 1.5in.

Secondary — Horizontal

The horizontal arrangement of the logo should be used when the primary version is not legible, for example when the logo is placed in a small size.

Download Logo Files (zip)

Approved Logo Colors

✅ Use white when placed on a colored background

✅ Use red on white or other light background

✅ Use black when printing grayscale

✅ Use white when placed over top of photo

Primary Brand Colors

The color palette is deliberately limited to ensure consistent and recognizable communication materials.

Color Values (Digital)
RGB (or Hex) refers to the way color is created on digital screens. They’re used for digital ads, websites, video, apps, projection, or any other screen-based media.

Color Values (Print)
There are two main color systems used in printing: CMYK and Pantone (PMS). There will always be slight differences in color when working in print, particularly when compared with screen colors: this is unavoidable when considering the range of printing methods, pigments, and stock material available.


HEX: E50B12
RGB: 229 / 11 /18
CMYK: 4 / 100 / 100 / 0
PMS: 2035 U


HEX: 101012
RGB: 16 / 16 / 18
CMYK: 74 / 68 / 64 / 82


RGB: 245 / 244 / 237
CMYK: 3 / 2 / 6 / 0
PMS: Cool Gray 1 U


RGB: 255 / 255 / 255
CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0

Primary Color Ratio

While color plays a large role in the overall design system, it is best used somewhat sparingly: a little bit of the red goes a long way. Don’t be afriad of using negative space. Our light color is only meant as a background color and should never be used for text.

Secondary Brand Colors

The secondary colors have a supporting role within our brand. They should be used sparingly and are never meant to replace the primary colors.

Use cases:
Charts / graphics, Illustration, Social media

Do not use these colors for text.
Text should only ever be set in black, red or white.


HEX 5c1a2e
RGB 92 / 26 / 46
CMYK 41 / 91 / 60 / 52


HEX 00857d
RGB 0 / 133 /125
CMYK 85 / 28 / 54 / 7


HEX f09914
RGB 240 / 153 / 20
CMYK 3 / 45 / 100 / 0

Accessible color combinations

All examples shown meet WCAG contrast standards. We only use black or white for text.


Our typefaces are Open Source fonts available through Google Fonts.

Primary Typeface

Headlines, subheads, and other key points of messaging should be set using Readex Pro.

Secondary Typeface

Body copy, captions, and titles should be set using Roboto Regular

Tetiary Typeface (limited use)

Meta values, dates, data and camptions may be set using Roboto Mono.

Download Fonts (zip)